Imaginative Play Scene — Tree House

Kate from Picklebums first introduced me to the concept of Imaginative Play Scenes. Since then, the kids and I have a lot of fun creating environments for the kids to play in. Setting up a play scene doesn’t take a lot of time and the play benefits last over days.  Pop over and read Kate’s post for some more ideas: Imaginative Play at Home.

Imaginative Play Scene — Tree House



Paint (optional)

Patty Cases

Other items to decorate the tree (see the picture below for ideas)

imaginative play space -- tree house

Paint the box (optional) and cut out a door before positioning it in a tree. To see how we made our house, click the picture.

Imaginative Play Space -- Tree House

Use craft glue to fasten patty cases on to a few leaves.

imaginative play scene -- tree house

Decorate with ribbon, pine cones and any other decoration. Click the picture to see more ideas.

imaginative play scene -- tree house

Add toys and play!

We extended this play scene into a magical fairy land. You can read about it in this post: Magical Play Space.

Other Imaginative Play Scenes

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