Decorate Easter Egg: Wool Egg

This Wool Easter Egg looks adorable and homey! It’s quite easy to make; the only tricky part is keeping the wool on the glue as you wind it around the egg. For younger children, I would do the wool part, and allow it to dry before giving it to the child to decorate. I used a foam egg because it’s light and sits up well but decorating a hard boiled egg with wool works too.


Foam Egg

Wool (your choice of colour). I used pastel rainbow wool for this tutorial.

2 x google eyes

Foam or cardboard for feet and beak. Use the below picture as a visual guide.

chicken feet template

Tacky Craft Glue (DO NOT use regular craft glue on foam as it will corrode)

Use tacky craft glue for foam


1. Cover egg with glue.

2. Starting from the base of the egg, lay the wool in a spiral, continuing down the egg until it’s covered.

Decorating Easter Eggs -- Wool Easter Egg

Decorating Easter Egg: Wool Easter Egg

Decorating Easter Eggs -- Wool Easter Egg

decorating easter eggs: wool easter egg

3. Add google eyes, beak, feet and feather.

Wool Yarn Easter Egg

Use different colour wool for a different look.

Wool Yarn Easter Egg


Use a plastic egg and double-sided tape for a easy mess free option.

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