Live Blogging: A Sunrise

Live Blogging: Hilton, Auckland — 3:00 am Brisbane time / 6:00 am Auckland time

The moon was still in the sky this morning, as night turned into day. I wouldn’t call myself a morning person but since I had to get up early anyway, I decided to make an effort and go outside to watch the sunrise.

The early air was an interesting mix of calm awakenings, slow grumblings and a breeze of hopeful anticipation. A delightful freshness — a sense of newness — came along with all that, and I was glad to bask in it.

You know what made me happy this morning? The climber, sprinkled with teeny white flowers, on the wharf piers; the textures of scarred timber, rusty chain and black rubber; the colour of the water in the early light; the seagull looking at me.

Good morning!

Hilton, Auckland

Auckland harbour

hilton, auckland

Viaduct, Auckland

hilton, auckland

hilton, auckland

hilton auckland

seagull, hilton, auckland

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