Milk Bottle Lids: Tree House

Milk Bottle Lids: There are thousands of ways to use them! Today I want to show you how easy it is to turn a small tree or shrub into a tree house for the kids to play with.


Milk Bottle Lids

Craft Glue

Small tree of shrub

Small toys

Rainbow Floors Template (optional)

Using a little craft glue, attach milk bottle lids to level parts of a branch.  Allow to dry. Add small plastic figurines or small dolls for play.  I look for trees or shrubs in our yard that the kids can stand on ground and still play in the lower branches with their toys.

It’s easy to pull the milk bottle lids off the tree when you are finished, or leave them there for another day.  To make it permanent, nail the milk bottle lids to the branch.

Milk Bottle Lids crafts: Tree House

Watch out for a post next week with a huge range of more ideas.

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