Self Portrait — I See Hope

Come see what I see in Eye-Land

eye-land -- come see what I see

I wear glasses of blue when I look at the world.

Blue: It’s a hopeful colour.

I see hope everywhere.

I know there are shadows.

But I still see the sun.

I look for it.

When the sky is grey and the wind grows cold with doubt,

I tell myself:

You reap what you sow;

You see what you look for;

Your treasure is where your heart is.

Yes, still, it is there.

Always. Hope.

Thank you God for Hope.

What do you see in Eye-Land?


This is my Self-Portrait for the Eye-Land Challenge 4 in the Canon Island Competition. You can read more about the challenge I’m taking here.

One day to go…

Voting for this challenge ends tomorrow and if you don’t mind voting for my picture, click here and press Vote for Entry under my profile. Thank you!

Only one more challenge to go: My-Land! Look out for it next week.

**I’m using a Canon Powershot SX 40 HS to take the photographs.  You can read about the features I love in the camera over at the Canon EOS Blog.

Canon Powershot SX 40 HS

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