Milk Bottle Lid Shell Shadow Box

My children love collecting shells so I’m always looking for ways to display them. Since we have saved our milk bottle lids, I decided to see if we could make a shadow box feature using them.

I think the finished product looks fantastic and the kids were thrilled. We will make another two with different coloured background paint and hang all three together as a wall feature.

milk bottle lid shell feature


16 washed milk bottle lids

Small shells

Hot glue gun (Craft Glue works too but a Hot glue gun is best)

30 cm square canvas

Acrylic paint

Paint brush

1. Paint two coats of colour on canvas. Use newspaper to protect the working surface.

display shells shadow box -- canvas

2. Look for for a variety of small, interesting shells. Glue one inside each of the milk bottle lids.

display shells shadow box -- milk bottle lids

3. Glue the shells on to the dry canvas, evenly spaced.

 shell shadow box -- milk bottle lids on canvas

shell shadow box milk bottle lid

4. Hang when dry. Such a fun to display kids shell collection.

shell shadow box milk bottle lid craft

shell shadow box -- display kids shell collection

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    Deb @ Home life simplified
    March 23, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Great craft idea. We don’t have saved up milk caps but my 8yo has the largest shell and stone collection on earth and you just gave me an idea at least to paint a canvas and try to hot glue some of her shells in a pattern like you have done or let her create a shell artwork…

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