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Glass Painting for Mother’s Day

glass painting for mothers day

Last year, the children and I made photo tea bags for the grandparents for Mother’s Day.  This year, we turned glass tumblers and glass juice bottles into candle holders and vases.  This was our first try at glass painting and it was easy!


Glass tumbler or empty juice bottle

Glass paint (I purchased glass paint at Spotlight)

Paint Brush


Newspaper (to protect table surface)

Outliner glass paint (optional, good for writing words)

glass painting materials

1. Paint

We tried 4 different techniques for applying the paint to the glass.

i) Small paintbrush for dots and lines: Use a small brush for detail, dots and small lines.  Wash paintbrush and dry on a paper towel when changing colour.

glass painting mother's day

ii) Large flat paint brush for coverage and large lines: My daughter decorated her juice bottle vase by painting block lines over the entire jar using a large flat brush.  Wash paintbrush and dry on a paper towel when changing colour.

Glass painting techniques -- paint brush

iii) Sponge Frosted Look:  This is my favourite one.  Using a sponge, dab paint on the glass to give a frosted look. Wash sponge and dry on a paper towel when changing colour.

glass painting -- frosted technique -- sponge

iv) Outliner: I purchased a glass paint outliner from Spotlight. The children and I drew in lines, the year, shapes (love heart) and names (like Mum and Nanna) on the glass.

glass painting for mother's day -- outlining words

2. Dry

Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.

3. Cook

Then bake in a 40 degrees celsius oven for an hour.

4. Give

Place a candle inside the tumber and a posy in the juice bottle and give!

glass painting for mothers day


Mothers Day Craft Ideas

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