Lunch Box Idea: Pinwheel Sandwich

pinwheel sandwiches -- lunch box ideas -- fibre for kids

1. Cut the crust of brown bread and roll as flat as possible.

pinwheel sandwiches -- fibre for kids

2. Add fillings that can be rolled like hummus (high in fibre) mustard, ham, very thin cheese, grated carrot and  spreads.

pinwheel sandwiches -- lunch box idea -- fibre for kids

3. Roll up and hold in place with a tooth pick (for older children)

high fibre lunch box idea -- pinwheel sandwiches

Lunch Box Idea

high fibre lunch box idea -- pinwheel sandwiches

  • Ham and hummus pinwheel sandwiches
  • Banana
  • Lightly salted pop corn
  • Dried pear
  • Carrot salad


Lunch Box Ideas

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