Nature Craft: Rock Footprints

nature craft -- stone foot prints

When I do craft with my kids, I like for it to be an extension of another outing or activity.  For example, making potpourri bags for the drawers was coupled with a trip to the shops, collecting shells at the beach turned into a wall feature and a fun addition to a country drive was to stop and make wild flower wreaths. For me, craft is about connection rather than just something to do.

When the children and I explored a local stream recently, we collected rocks to make rock footprints.

exploring stream kids

It’s not craft, it’s connection.



Piece of wood (or use a canvas)

2 x Screw eyes

Rocks (1 sole of foot size and 5 for toes)

Gem glue, like 330 Epoxy (a hot glue gun works too but for best results use expoxy glue)


1. Sort, clean and move the rocks around until you get the best foot shape.

rock footprints

2. Lightly sand the piece of wood to help the glue stick. Canvas can also be used instead of the wood.

3. Arrange the rocks on your piece of wood or canvas using gem glue or hot glue gun (the gluing should be done by an adult).

pebble footprint

4. Allow to dry as per packet instructions.

5. Press screw eyes and twist on either side of wood to allow for hanging.

instuctions nature craft stone foot feature

6. Hang with a piece of twine or rope.

The Rock Footprint sign hangs on the outdoor cubby. We might add some words to the sign when we think of a good name. I’ll keep you posted.


rock footprints nature craft Update

31 March 2014: So almost two years since I wrote this post, I thought I would show you how our footprints looks now: even more rustically gorgeous! (and still holding together after being out in the elements for that long).

Rock Footprints


Nature Craft

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