Painting on Cavas: 3D Space Theme

painting on canvas -- 3 D Space theme

I love this 3D space canvas I saw at my friends house. It’s easy to put together and I’ll show you how. Perfect for the space themed room.

painting on canvas -- 3 D Space theme


Canvas (large size)

Foam balls (for planets)

Tacky craft glue

Black acrylic paint

Blue and green acrylic paint


Carboard stars

Coloured matchsticks

Pipe cleaner



Paint the earth in the corner using blue and green acrylic paint.  Paint the remainder of the in canvas black and sprinkle glitter over before the paint dries. Allow to dry before adding the other details.

3 D Planets / Moons

Cut foam in half, paint and glue on canvas with tacky craft glue (not regular craft glue or the foam will errode).  Tip: To create craters in the planets, use the bottom end of a pencil and press into the foam before painting.


Use cardboard gold and silver stars and glue where desired.


Make two triangles with coloured toothpicks and use pipe cleaners for the rocket blasts. Glue on canvas in place

More Ideas for Painting on Canvas

Balloon & Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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