Wooden Spoon People

These two younger kids of mine are good friends (most of the time).  Can you see it? At the last grocery shop, I purchased a few wooden spoons to use in an easy craft.

Yes, my daughter IS wearing a Santa T-shirt in May. Don’t judge me. Ha!

wooden spoon people


Permanent marker

Wooden spoons

Google eyes (optional)


Craft Glue

wooden spoon people


1. For the hair, cut lengths of wool and tie a knot in the middle.

wooden spoon people

2. Plait either side and tie a knot in the end to avoid unravelling.

wooden hair spoon doll wool hair

3. Draw on (or glue) eyes, mouth and hair.

wooden spoon people craft


  • Birthday party craft
  • Play
  • Middle of table decoration — make 4 or 5 and place in a small vase to decorate table
  • Attached string to the back with glue and hang on the wall
  • Use as a card — write on the back and place on the outside of a present
  • Puppet show

Easy as.


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