50 Backyard Game Ideas

50 backyard game ideas

I’m passionate about all kinds of play for kids and I’ve put together the ideas provided by you all in this post of 50 Backyard Game Ideas.

50 Backyard Game Ideas

  1. Climb trees
  2. Moodle ball: Use a pool noodle as a bat and a soft toy ball. This is easy to play for very young children.
  3. Outdoor chalk drawing: Draw pictures, roads and cities
  4. Obstacle course (material ideas here: Backyard Obstacle Course)
  5. Wash doll clothes in a small bucket and hang on the line
  6. Push cars around
  7. Ride a scooter/skateboard
  8. Bike ride / Roller-skate
  9. Make a streamer tree (see our streamer tree in this post: Make a School Holiday Kit)
  10. Totem tennis
  11. Handball
  12. Skipping
  13. Hula Hoop
  14. 10 pin bowling with empty soft drink bottles and a tennis ball
  15. Jump on the trampoline
  16. Throw a tennis ball on a wall and catch
  17. Play ball catch (min 2 people)
  18. Hopscotch (use chalk to draw the squares)
  19. Make a mud kitchen
  20. Sponge throw art: Hang a large piece of butchers paper on the clothes line and throw a spounge with watered down food colouring
  21. Blow bubbles
  22. Backyard picnic
  23. Hide and Seek
  24. Tag
  25. Paddle pool or sprinkler fun (as water restrictions allow)
  26. Play parachute with a sheet
  27. Garden
  28. Treasure hunt
  29. Nature hunt: On a piece of paper, write items for kids to find. (For example, 1 feather, 3 leaves, 1 smooth stones, a curly stick)
  30. Balance: Buy a thin piece of wood from a hardware store and lay on the grass. Walk across and balance!
  31. Sandpit
  32. Kick the ball around
  33. Piggy in the middle
  34. Water bomb fight
  35. Spray bottle fun: Fill a spray bottle with water and use in water fights, to ‘sparkle’ plants or put in food colouring and spray an old sheet or piece of paper.
  36. Duck, duck, goose.
  37. What’s the time Mr Wolf?
  38. Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie
  39. Balloon volleyball
  40. Backyard basketball
  41. French cricket
  42. Backyard soccer
  43. Create an imaginative play scene. (For ideas visit this page on my blog: Imaginative Play Scenes)
  44. Dance to music on the grass (make a dancing ribbon ring too)
  45. Put a large box in the backyard, provide texters and create something
  46. Throw Frisbee
  47. Pretend to cook with bowls, cups and spoons.  Add some boxes and set up a restaurant or a shop.
  48. Throw paper planes
  49. Steal the tail: Tuck pieces of material in the back of an adult’s belt. The children run after the adult to try and catch a tail.
  50. Build a makeshift cubbyhouse. Visit this post for more ideas: Thrift Shop Cubby

Print the list: 50 Backyard Game Ideas

10 Backyard Games (my kids like to play)

My children and I had a lot of fun putting this video together. I think I had more fun editing it to the music.

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