A Walk on the Beach with Emma Moffatt

Olympic 2012 London Emma Moffatt Triathlete

Recently, I met Emma Moffatt at a Metamucil Health Retreat in Byron Bay.  Emma Moffatt is a World Triathlon Champion, Olympic Bronze Medallist and Metamucil Brand Ambassador.  I love everything about the Olympics, and chatting to Emma added to this, and gave me a new insight behind the games.

Emma is gorgeous and down to earth.  We chatted about travel, training and her obvious love of being an Aunt.

Kelly: How important is your diet in terms of physical performance?

Emma Moffatt: Having a good diet and getting all the nutrients the body needs is vital for physical performance.

Kelly: Can it be a struggle to meet your dietary requirements between training and travelling?

Emma Moffatt: Yes, especially when travelling all over the world. When taking part in high intensity training day in and day out I feel very in tune with my body, so if I’m lacking something it usually reflects in my training or health. As any athlete knows – life can get pretty hectic in the run up to a major competition. With hours of intense training at home and overseas, it can sometimes be hard to meet the nutritional demands required for peak performance, so I’m happy to champion a product like Metamucil that can help make this easier.

Kelly: Approximately how many hours do you train every day?

Emma Moffatt:  All days vary slightly, but on average I do between 2 and 4 training sessions a day, which can range from a 30 minute run to a 3 hour ride, 1.5hr swim or a session of pilates.

Kelly: My daughter (11) ask you this question: what keeps you motivated?

Enma Moffatt: This year it is definitely the Olympic Games keeping me motivated. For an athlete there is no better feeling knowing you are representing your country at the highest level.

Kelly: What is the best thing about being an Aunty?

Emma Moffatt: I love everything about being an Aunty!  All my nieces and nephews are under 5, so they are full of energy, a little bit crazy and love a cuddle!

Olympic 2012 London Emma Moffatt Triathlete

Emma Moffatt



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