Coloured Ice Sculpture

coloured ice sculpture

These are fun to make, especially for kids, and they look fabulous in all different colours. Make different colours, and then see what colours the run off makes when they mix!


Food colouring of choice




1. Food Colouring

Place a few drops of food colouring into an empty balloon.

2. Fill Balloon

Fill the balloon with water to the desired size and tie a knot at the top.

3. Place in Freezer

Place the balloon in the freezer on a flat surface (which will become the level base), and up against something so it holds upright.  The balloon sits well on its own so just simple support of a plastic bowl can be used. Ensure the knot of the balloon is at the top so the sculpture has a lovely egg shape.

4. Freeze

Freeze overnight (for at least 6-10 hours). When ready to use the sculpture, take from the freezer and peel back the balloon.  Place on a plate (with sides so it can catch the drips).


  • Dinner party
  • Romantic dinner
  • Bring a little interest into your day
  • Activity for older child
  • Science experiment
  • Christmas table decoration


Use use filtered or twice boiled then cooled water and the ice will freeze clear.


Balloon Ice sculputres

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    April 27, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    This is SUCH a cool idea (pun intended) that I sure hope to try soon. Will also consider sharing with my parenting page fans at http://www.facebook.com/ConsciousParentingApproach – thank you! Inviting you to come say Hello to us and check out our page too!!

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    March 15, 2016 at 2:29 am

    this is an amazing idea and i am using it for a school project thank you

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