A Drawing Game: Collaboration

Guest Post from Fi from Destination Bali

This drawing game is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter what age your children are, or if there are a few kids to keep busy at the same time.


Water colour paper (or any other piece of paper or cardboard)

Water colour paint and/or any other drawing materials


1. Grab a piece of paper or even the side of a cardboard box (cereal ones are great). We like to start with paint but you can use any material: crayons, pencils, biro, texter.

2. One person starts the picture and everyone take turns at adding an element to the drawing.  In our case, it was best to start with separate works for each child (I have four children), and then they pass it on, so everyone has a piece of paper in front of them.  Collaborating is a little like sharing.

3. A round head is a great place to start (a circle) and then go from there. There is no way you can art direct this activity; you have no control which is wonderful once you embrace it. Keep going. Some creations can take days, some minutes. If you’re working with paint, once it is dry, pencils and crayons can added on top.

drawing game for siblings

drawing game for siblings

drawing game for siblings


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