A Paper Doll: A Fun Homemade Postal Gift

make a paper doll kit

Guest Post from Fi from Destination Bali

We recently made a package to send from Bali for my niece. She loves to colour and cut and has a sense of glamour like no other…so we  have made a paper doll with several outfits for her to cut and colour.  She is 3 and her standards are not high (note the dodgy fingers and slightly wonky eye on my doll).  But if you sit trying to get the doll perfect the fun goes out of the project and the doll ends up looking strangely formal and not so appealing.   This activity took 10 minutes and it was a lot of fun to make knowing the receiver would have fun too.


Paper (we used scrap paper from a notebook)


Fine Point Pen


1. Draw a figure and make the head slightly oversize so it looks more child like. Big eyes. Give it a go or use my drawing below as a general guide. Just click the picture for a printable PDF.

A5 Size Aprox

paper doll pdf

A4 Size Approx

make a paper doll kit

2. Once  you draw the fiture, lean the drawing face down on a window ( to make it easy to see) and draw the back of your doll.

3. Use separate paper to make the clothes. Tip: Lean the doll drawing on a window and put a blank piece of paper over the top to draw clothes to fit.

4. Draw small tabs at the shoulders and waist.

paper doll clothes
5. Include a little note and send in a large envelope.

handwritten note
Just some good old fashioned fun…and remember, this is a quick project not a family heirloom.   Have fun and the receiver will too.


Fi, I showed my girls this activity, and gave them the materials to create their own dolls. I let them loose with it and this is what they came up with! We will post them to friends.

making paper dolls to post gift


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