Cute Candy Cane Reindeer Antler Craft

Christmas craft -- candy cane reindeer antler

Cute, and so easy: this reindeer craft is a fun gift to make for friends.

What you need

christmas craft -- candy cane reindeer antler

2 x Candy Canes

Sticky tape

Brown string or wool (about a metre)

2 x google eyes

Red jewel nose (or hole punch red cardboard)

Craft glue


christmas craft -- candy cane reindeer antler

1.  Tape the two candy canes together with sticky tape, parting the hook part at the so they look like antlers.

2. Wind string around the middle of the candy canes. Make the string section about 4-5 centremetres wide.

3. Finish the string by feeding it in between the candy canes and winding it around a few times.

4. Using craft glue, affix the google eyes and nose in place on the string section.

That’s it!


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