Backyard Games: Marbles

playing marbles

Marbles were a hit with my kids!  I’ve never tried it before now, I guess because I have been afraid of the chocking hazard with marbles. Now my kids are older, I decided to introduce them to this ancient game.  And they have been playing it ever since!

What you need



Small plastic bowls

playing marbles


Draw a circle on concrete with chalk (or even a stick in dirt will do).  There are many different variations of the marble game (which you can read about here: How to Play Marbles) but we just kept it simple.

1.  Each play pick a hitting ball. Ideally, this ball should be large than the other marbles.

2. Sit outside the circle, and have a bowl for each respective player close by.

3.  Spread the rest of the marbles randomly inside the circle.

4. For each player’s turn, they must flick their hitting ball from outside the circle, and try to push the marbles outside the circle.

5.  Any marbles that go outside of the circle are collected and placed in the bowl.  The player with the most marbles at the end of the game, is the winner!

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