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Easy balloon ice sculpture - Christmas Table Decorations - beafunmum.com

This is cool. Literally. It may not last long on an Aussie Christmas Day, however, it’s so easy to make and brings that wow factor to the table. I did this in a red and white theme for Christmas.



Food colouring (optional)

Milk Bottle Lid


1. If using food colouring, add about half a teaspoon to the balloon before filling with water.

2. Fill balloon with water to the desired size and tie a knot in the top.

3. Place in a small bowl or up against something in the freezer to set.

4.  To convert the ice sculpture into a candle, place an upside-down milk bottle lid into the top of the balloon (where the knot is), press down and use masking tape to hold in place so the ice freezes around the lid making an indent the perfect size for a tea light candle.

5. Freeze for about 8 hours (depending on size) and when you are ready to display, cut the balloon away and place ice on a bowl with sides or tray (to catch the drips).  To see approximately how long the ice sculpture lasts, visit this post: Balloon Ice Sculptures.

Concept: make you own ice sculpture

Colour theme: white, red with silver highlights

Everyday items: water, balloon, tray/plate with sides

Festive items: candle

Tip: add poinsettia or red rose petals to the balloon before adding water

Christmas Table Decoration - Balloon Ice Sculpture - beafunmum.com

Christmas Table Inspiration - christmas ice sculpture -- beafunmum.com

Tip: if you boil the water first (and allow to cool) the ice will freeze clear. I liked the frosted look here, giving that White Christmas feel.

Never leave a candle unattended.


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