India: Come Look at The Farm

organic farming village -- world vision project

Water supply for the crops

I liked the smell of the air and the feel of the ground beneath my feet.  Inwardly, I sighed in relief; it felt good to be outside in the country air. The contrast from the slums I visited, only days before, staggered me, and I felt my heart lift.   Interestingly, many of the people who end up in the slums, originated from these types of villages, but after years of failed crops, are forced into the cities to look for work.

I love how World Vision looks at the source of the issue, rather than only what is on the surface.  The aim in these villages is to empower the farmers with the technology to produce crops more successfully, so they have the choice to stay in their communities.

The organic farming village we visited is in rural Chhattisgarh, Central India.  We were welcomed with honour, and presented with flowers in a colourful tent. It was beautiful!  The village all of stopped due to our visit, and I was humbled to be treated with such respect and regard.

Come and look at the farm with me…

indian tent

Welcoming tent

organic farming -- chhattisgarh -- world vision

These men learn the skills and new technologies and then pass it on to hundreds of other farmers

cow dung homes -- india

Cow Dung Homes

cow dung homes -- india

Sari out to dry


Worms in compost

Making natural pesticide

Sam and Misho walking in the village

Women carrying the harvest


A home in the village

A positive day. A good day. Yes. A day of hope and possibility.


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