Temporary Christmas Snow Globes

It’s Christmas Week on the Blog!

Temporary snow globes

I’m going a bit wild with Christmas Table decorations at the moment.   I like variety in the home, and with the table decorations, I can mix it up every couple of days.  We’ve did the White Christmas in a Jar, and candles in jars, and now it’s time for something interactive and fun for the kids.  So, I made a sort-of snow globe feature using a regular kitchen glass, glitter and a Christmas figurine.


Small figurine made of glass or ceramic (or heavy plastic sometimes works too)

–Most discount stores have cute ceramic figurines for a few dollars or I have used suitable Christmas decorations before.


Clear glass tumbler

Temporary Snow Globes

Place the figurine in a clear glass, fill with water and add a little glitter.

Snow Globe in a Glass

Temporary snow globes

Temporary snow globes for Christmas

We had this on the table for 4 days, and the kids enjoyed stirring up the glitter everyday. Glitter did get on their hands, but washes off easily, and it’s pretty too.  Just a bit of sparkle, sparkle.  You can make permanent snow globes with the same materials (plus a jar).  Here’s a good tutorial here: DIY Snow Globe.


Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas

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    December 10, 2012 at 7:25 am

    These are super cute and really simple to make at home. Love!

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