Imaginative Play Scene: Farm

farm imaginative play scene

Now THIS takes me back to my childhood!  I remember walking down the stairs in my grandmother’s green house, to the basement. It was always cool down there.  Kept in this place, were farm animals and gates. I spent hours setting up farms with my sisters, and remember it fondly.


Under-bed storage container

Artificial grass (I purchased mine from Clark Rubber for under $15)

Wood blocks (or fences if you have them)

Plastic animal figurines (We did a horse/cow farm)

Plastic container filled with water and a drop of blue food colouring


A few blocks act like stables.

farm imaginative play scene


Cows and grass: you almost feel like you’re in the country!

farm imaginative play scene


A tractor, milk bottle lid troughs, people, plastic dog/cat figurines. Anything!


Imaginative Play Scenes

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