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I met Sharon Grayson through a mutual friend over a year ago now.  Since then, I feel privileged to call Sharon my friend and mentor.  Sharon is a teacher, parenting coach and mum to two adult children.  What is striking about Sharon is her beautiful heart for children and families and she recently completed her first parenting book.   I was surprised and honoured when Sharon asked me read and write a Foreword for her parenting book, Are We There Yet? and you read read my review below.

Sharon Grayson Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? by Sharon Grayson

I felt inspired and excited about the parenting journey after reading Sharon Grayson’s book, Are We There Yet?  The book cleverly marries personal stories with professional advice in an easy to read way.  I found myself nodding as I flicked through the pages because the 7cs approach makes so much sense! I could see very clearly, the foundation of parenting forming in front of my eyes as I read the words, and I thought, “This is what a lifelong relationship with my kids looks like.”

Sharon has a special way of encouraging with the guilt trip, so instead of feeling overwhelmed by the parenting journey, I felt equipped and challenged. There are tips, real life examples and helpful strategies broken down into different age groups, from baby stages, toddler and preschool years to school aged children.  The information is presented in such a comprehensive way, it allows for immediate implementation.

Are We There Yet? is about holistic parenting based on fundamental foundations, which in turn, brings confidence and fulfillment to the parenting journey.

It’s short, it’s easy to read and it’s full of great principles and suggestions. And yes, it is going to help.


That about sums it up.  It’s just one of those easy to read and digest books that makes sense; Playgroud Queensland has already snapped it up.

I’m about to re-read it. You can click on the picture below to find out more or to buy a copy.

are we there yet by sharon grayson

About Sharon

sharon grayson parenting coachSharon has been a practising teacher for 25 years and has worked primarily with children aged 3-10 during this time in numerous settings. With her triple P qualification, Sharon has successfully organised parent programs and facilitated parent discussion groups.

Sharon has two young adult children and this is her best qualification as a parenting coach. She knows how hard it is to raise children, run a home, work and try to juggle all the balls at the same time. She understands fully the different stages involved in raising children and the importance of each stage.

You can follow Sharon on facebook here or check out her website.

7cs parenting stragegy

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