Imaginative Play Scene: Zoo

Zoo Imaginative Play Scene

Since buying artificial grass for a play scene, the children and I have found heaps of ways to use it for play. This is a Zoo Play Scene, put together with animal figurines we already had around the house.  How fun would it be to combine a trip to the zoo with a play activity at home!


Under-bed storage container

Artificial grass (under $15 from Clark Rubber or Bunnings)

Wooden Blocks (or fences)

Rocks & sticks

Zoo Animial Figurines

Plastic container filled with water and a drop of blue food colouring

Big Cats


Zoo Imaginative Play Scene -- big cats



Zoo Imaginative Play Scene -- reptiles


A rock and a plastic container filled with water and a drop of blue food colouring.

Zoo Imaginative Play Scene -- seal and dolphin


A stick.

Zoo Imaginative play Scene -- elephant


Thinking about it now, I think we might add a section of a branch for this enclosure.

Zoo Imaginative play Scene -- giraffe


Imaginative Play Scene Ideas

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