School Holiday Fun with Boys


Guest Post by Tierney Kennedy

I was chatting to Tierney on facebook about activities for boys, and wow, she has some awesome ideas! This post is about the fun Tierney and her boys Rohan and Jared had on the school holidays.

There are BRILLIANT ideas, like my favourites: the Bubble vs Water Pistol Game and the Water Ball Target Game.  I hope it inspires you too.

fun activities for boys

1. Drawing


Butcher’s paper (or regular A4 paper)

Drawing materials

Inspiration (this could be from an outing, a favourite book, movie or character)

Rohan and Jared drew a transformers battle scene – the Autobots are up one end and the Decepticons are up the other.

 school holiday fun -- fun for boys

 2. Visit an Aquarium

For more ideas like this, see 15 Ways to be Adventourous with Kids.

school holiday fun -- fun for boys -- visit an aquarium

3. Paint a landscape for diggers


Non-Toxic Paint

Paint Brushes

Roll of butcher’s or craft paper (available from places like craft stores, Big W, K Mart, Officeworks)

Sticky tape


1. Tape butcher’s paper down on table

2. Paint a landscape on the paper.

3. Allow to dry

4. Once dry, play on the landscape with cars or diggers.

 school holiday fun -- fun for boys

 4. Shaving Cream Painting/Play


Shaving cream

Food colouring

Plastic container

Paddlepop stick


1. Smooth shaving cream over bottom of plastic container.

2. Dribble in a few drops of food colouring (2 colours work well).

3. Using a stick, paddle pop stick or end of a paint brush, make patterns in the shaving cream.

4. Carefully lay a piece of paper over the top of the shaving cream and press gently.  Lift to reveal a pattern!

5. Scrape off the excess shaving cream with a paddle pop stick, or even a small section of cardboard.

6. Allow to dry.

fun on school holidays for boys -- shaving cream painting

5. Chalk Road Drawing



Toy cars


1. Draw track for cars on concrete using chalk.

2. Play!

chalk road drawing on concrete

 6. Face painting (and role play)


Face paints or crayons


A tiger facepaint design is easy. Orange base, black nose an a few black stripes. Roooaaaarrrr!

More easy designs here.

holiday fun for boys -- tiger face painting

7. T-Shirt Decoration


Plain T-Shirt

Felt pens

Iron-on Transfer paper (available from places like Spotlight and Officeworks)


1. Draw on a piece of paper (freehand or use a stencil/colouring page).

2. Scan drawing on to computer (or take a picture and upload it).

3. Print out on Iron-on transfer paper and follow packet instructions.

fun with boys

8. Wet Foam Ball Target Game


Foam balls (look for them in the swimming section of places like K Mart and Big W)



1. Draw a target on concrete using chalk.

2. Wet foam balls and throw at the target from a throw-in line.

3. The wet balls make a mark on the concrete. Closest wins!

 fun with boys

 9. Bubble Vs Water Pistols


Water Pistol



Water pistols vs bubbles – Blow bubbles and try and shoot them with the water pistol.

fun with boys -- water pistols and bubbles

10. Carboard Box Construction


Collected empty cardboard boxes

Masking tape

Paint (optional)


We made box robots / transformers using painted cardboard boxes.

 cardboard box construction -- robots -- fun with boys

 11. Block Construction

Build a huge tower!

fun on holidays with boys -- blocks

12. Dinosaur construction

You can purchase these types of dinosaur kits from Australian Geographic.

fun on holidays with boys -- dinosaur

 13. Painting

After we made and painted the dinosaurs, we played museums and then went to visit our local one. Lots of fun!

fun on holidays with boys -- painting

 14. Box Obstical Course for Cars

Box obstacle course and ramps for cars – complete with cardboard tube tunnel and trampoline made from foam.

fun on holidays with boys -- obstical course

15. Lazer Course


Red crepe streamers

blu tack


1. Randomly attach red crepe paper to the walls in a hallway for a super spy lazer obstacle course.

fun on holidays with boys -- lazer force

16. Ninjas


Cardboard tube

Crepe paper

Sticky tape


1. Cut eye holes in a section of crepe paper and tie around head to use as a mask.

2. Attach a length of streamer to the end of a cardboard tube using sticky tape.

fun on holidays with boys -- ninjas

17. Make a gift for someone

We painted butterflies on a stencil, added glitter, laminated and turned it into a mobile for our baby.

 fun activities for boys

 18. Slip and Slide


slip and slide -- fun activities for boys

19. Wrestling (of course!)

fun activities for boys

Tierney, Rohan and Jared thank you so much for sharing all these fun ideas!

About the Author

Tierney Kennedy is mum to three children, a maths consultant and author of over 50 books for teachers.  She works with teachers from around Australia to help maths actually make sense to kids. Read her post Making Maths Fun for Kids (at home).

Website: www.backtofrontmaths.com.au/teachers

Facebook page: Maths Matters

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    April 16, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Great ideas. We have just finished holidays here but will be saving them for the next lot. My school aged boy got so bored so quickly when on holidays

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    Marry with a baby
    April 18, 2013 at 9:19 am

    You’re an awesome mum! These are some great entertaining and (sometimes) educational activities!

    • Reply
      Tierney Kennedy
      July 2, 2013 at 12:33 pm

      Thanks! Hope you have lots of fun. Plus everyone is good at different things – I don’t do housework, baking or sewing and I frequently travel for work. Holidays are lots of fun though!

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    […] Tierney Kennedy is mum to three children, a maths consultant and author of over 50 books for teachers.  She works with teachers from around Australia to help maths actually make sense to kids. Read her other guest posts here: Making Maths Fun for Kids (at home), Fun with Boys on the School Holidays. […]

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