Fun Hair — Pink and Blue Plaits

pink hair coloured plait

Lazy afternoons and more time for silly fun things: it’s one of the reasons why I love the school holidays.  A couple of weeks ago, I spotted coloured hairspray at the supermakert (near the party/toy section) and I threw a pink and blue can in the trolley with my groceries.

I try and anticipate the school holidays by having a few fun options for lazy moments up my sleeve, like the school holiday kit I blogged about before.   In this case, the coloured hair spray sat in the cupboard for some time before the holidays.  I didn’t show or mention it to the kids, because I didn’t know that we would get to it.

Planned spontaneity. It’s fun as a parent to whip something out of the cupboard like magic when everyone is happy and relaxed. Ta-da!

“Hey, want to do colour hair plaits?”  I said the afternoon we had my niece and nephews over.  It wasn’t stressful at all, only fun because I was relaxed and the kids were relaxed.  There’s something to be said about picking your moments.


Coloured hairspray (any colour!)

Baking paper

Hair tie

Pink Hair plait


1.  Section part of the hair you want to colour.

2. Place a piece of baing paper between the section of hair and the remainder of the hair.

3. Spray section of hair with coloured hairspray.

4. Allow to dry for a few mintues (put a few clips in to hold the paper in place).

5. Plait the coloured hair and tie with a hair band (colour does get on your hands but it washes off easily).

6.  Touch up the front of the plait with colour but carefuly spraying close to the head.

Tip: You can plait the hair at step 1, before you colour it at step 3. This work well too. I decided to colour before I plaited because I wanted more colour saturation.

Blonde Hair

The colour shows up best on blonde hair.  This is my adorable niece. She LOVED it!

Pink hair...coloured hair...pink plait

Brown Hair

The colour still shows up on brown hair, it’s just not quite as vibrant.  For very dark hair, try the gold or silver glitter spray instead.

Pink hair...coloured hair...pink plait

Section of Hair

My sister (in the pic below with my daughter; how gorgeous are they!?) is a whizz at doing hair, so she did a middle braid on Miss 11.  For this mohawk style, we coloured the hair after the hair was braided.

Blue hair...coloured hair -- braid

blue hair

Double Plait — Blue & Pink

Miss 9 wanted a double plait, one of blue and one of pink.

Pink & Blue hair...coloured hair...pink and blue plait

The remainder of the afternoon was spent at the park and my sister and I both mentioned how special the time was…for no particular reason.   We drank coffee, talked and took photographs as the seven-children-between-us ran around and played.

It may have started with the Ta-da! moment.

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