Burgundy Boots

bared boots

I don’t care about trends.   I enjoy to wear a mish-mash of what I like — old mixed with new — inspired by colours, shades and influences in my life; whether that be the seasons, nature, a book, movie or particular time period.  I dress up most days — it’s one of those things for me, that is an expression of creativity — and I figure clothes are there to wear so I may as well enjoy them rather than keeping a particular outfit special.

A new pair of boots was on the list this year.  My knee-high black boots are still good, but my brown boots broke at the end of last season and I have been looking for a replacement pair. Here they are! I’m welcoming a new item in my wardrobe this Winter: Bared burgundy boots.

I was umming and ahhing over brown boots but then these burgundy boots caught my eye and I couldn’t go past them.  And I’m so glad I went with my gut because the shoes are have resurrected my wardrobe; they have become a key piece, pulling much of my Winter wardrobe together (two outfits are pictured below).

I found out about Bared shoes when they emailed me recently. I’ll warn you now, BEFORE you go check out the website: the shoes are really (REALLY) gorgeous. Anna Baird, a podiatrist, designed the range with style, comfort and support in mind. Each shoe comes with footbed features to support the foot (you can read more about the features here).  They look great and are good for your feet too.

Wearing Bared shoes feels different than any other shoes I’ve worn before. Not only are the shoes deliciously comfortable, they hold my feet in unique way.  So for example, I noticed in the boots I’m wearing (with heels), when I walk, my weight is supported through my heel (instead of the ball of my foot when I usually wear heels) and the impact is absorbed by the shoe.  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but it really is a fascinating thing for a shoe lover like myself and I’m an immediate fan.

Outfit 1

My husband took these pictures and he kept making me laugh (so much I almost fell over).

bared boots

bared boots

what i'm wearing

Dress: Emerson (Big W)

Jacket: Monaco Jeans

Boots: Bared

The look: I was inspired by the colours: rich blue with subtle green and highlights of burgundy.  The cute polka dot dress has smackings of retro/vintage charm, and wearing the scarf short added to this.  The jacket with frill detail is feminine enough to match but edgy enough to bring balance and interest to the outfit (or so I think).

Outfit 2

I’m not as tall as I look in this picture. Ha! There’s a tip for you.  If you photograph from the ground up, it elongates your legs.

bared boots

bared boots

urbbana shirt -- ladies


Jeans:Calvin Klein


Cream Trench Coat: True North


The look: Classic. Love the simplicity of a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. Can’t go wrong.


I wasn’t paid for this post.  Bared gave me a complimentary pair of shoes (my choice), and I wanted to feature them here because they are awesome — and I love supporting Aussie designers.

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    The Plumbette
    June 10, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Kelly you look gorgeous and I love those boots! First outfit is my favourite. I have the same jacket that I bought a few seasons ago and wore it yesterday to church. Hope you have a lovely Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday!

    • Reply
      Kelly Be A Fun Mum
      June 10, 2013 at 8:53 am

      Mine is from last season too and I have been looking forward to getting it out this Winter. Have a lovely day xx

  • Reply
    June 10, 2013 at 9:09 am

    OK Kelly. Now I want a pair too!!
    Off to visit the wonderful world of online shoe shopping…..

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