Pumpkin Carving

Those moments when you see your spouse in a new light: This was one of them.

I’ve always wanted to carve a pumpkin with the kids, even though I’m not into Halloween. It’s just I love using nature in different forms to decorate the house, like the time I made a simple orange lantern candle. Well, as it turns out, my husband is a fabulous pumpkin carver; as a child, he spent some time in America and so had tips and tricks to make it fabulous.

It was special to see him engage with the kids in this way and get into the activity that linked a happy time in his childhood. He had a sparkle in his eye and I could see it taking him back. It made me see him a different light and I love that even after 14 years of marriage (we’ve known each other for 20 years!) I’m still learning more about this man I married.

So, we did pumpkin carving — just because — and it was very fun.

Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

Find a detailed tutorial on the IGA website here: Pumpkin Carving (plus non-carving decorative options).

how to carve a decorative pumpkin

how to carve a decorative pumpkin


how to carve a pumpkin -- cleaning it out

how to carve a decorative pumpkin

pumpkin carving - how to carve a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern

pumpkin carving - how to carve a pumpkin

pumpkin carving how to carve a pumpkin

how to carve a pumpkin -- drill holes

decorative pumpkin carving -- use a drill

Non-carving Pumpkin Decorating Options

While I was at it, the children and I did mini- pumpkin decorating for the table.  Simple thumbtacks pushed into the pumpkin skin and diamante stickers. I’ll be doing this again come Autumn.

non-carving pumpkin idea

non-carving pumpkin decorating ideas

non carving options - pumpkin carving

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  • Reply
    Di Phillips
    October 30, 2013 at 9:30 am

    Hi Kelly
    Thanks for this, I’ll be doing it after school today with Miss9.
    Our neighbour hails from Boston and has prepared his Jack-o’-lantern for his kids, then went another step further and roasted the pumpkin seeds which were delicious. According to my kids, “they taste like popcorn!”
    Happy Days, Di

    • Reply
      Kelly Be A Fun Mum
      October 30, 2013 at 10:45 am

      I thought about doing that! I’m glad you added that here because it’s such a fab idea. When I used to live in PNG, my mum used to roast pumpkin seeds and they are delicious! Must do that with the kids! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Reply
    Kristie Visser
    October 31, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Oh wow – they look great! We tend to do watermelon carving because then it gets all eaten up!

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