Decorative Oranges

Decorative Oranges

Using fruit as decoration pieces is a simple way to create a feature point in the home, especially around special times such as Christmas.



Diamond sticker rows (I found these at a discount shop)

decorative oranges

Decorative Oranges

This is easy and quick.  Lay a strip of diamond stickers from the to of the orange to the base and continue this process around the orange (leaving a space of about 5 cm or so between each row).  This gives the oranges that bauble look. Pop in a bowl and they look fabulous on a table with eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts. When ready to use, the stickers can be peeled off easily.

Concept: decorate the usual, because it’s Christmas

Colour theme: blue and orange with gold highlights

Everyday items:  large glass bowl, oranges

Festive decorations: diamanté stickers

Tip: add eucalyptus leaves and gum nuts along a table runner and add a scattering of LED lights

decorative fruit oranges

decorative fruit orange

Another simple idea is to use cloves and ribbon to decorate oranges. Simply push the cloves into the skin in whatever pattern you like.

decorate oranges with cloves


Orange Candle

Christmas Table Centrepiece

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