Nature Crafts: Bark Boat

Bark Boat

Oh, there’s something wondrous about floating homemade boats in a babbling brook.  It’s as easy as finding a nice piece of floatable bark and attaching a sail by making a small hole in the centre (with a screwdriver or drill) or using blue tack or glue.  Below are links to a few different ways to put them together:

1. Twig and Toadstool

This one from Twig and Toadstool has added buoyancy with corks underneath.

Bark Boat from Twig and Toadstools

2. A Mother’s Ramblings

Bark and Blu-tack. Awesome. Tutorial and cute video here.

bark boats

3. Rhythm of the Home

Adore these wooden boats by Maya Donenfeld featured on Rhythm of the Home.

wooden boats

4.  Make and Takes

Sticks and hemp cord is all you need. Tutorial here.

stick raft

5. Twig Raft

I made a boat with sticks with the kids and you find the full tutorial here.

stick raft boat

Next time you’re out and about near a stream, make a bark boat to add to your adventure.

bark boats

The kids and I experimenting with different types of bark boats

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