Camping Food: One Pot Beef Nachos

Camping Food: One Pot Beef Nachos

The meal is great for camping because most of the ingredients are imperishable food items.  Plus you can throw it all in one pot and the meal still has a good dose of fibre (from beans) and there are veges in there too which makes it more of a complete meal. Another great thing is you don’t necessarily need cutlery (less washing up!) because you can use Corn Tortillas to scoop up the meat.


1 tablespoon of oil 

Mince (lean mince works best because you don’t need to worry about draining fat away from the pot)

1 Can Corn Kernels

1 Can Baked Beans

1 Packet dried taco mix

1 Can diced tomato

Packet of Corn Tortillas (or corn chips)

Sour cream (optional)

camping food: one pot nachos


1. Brown mince in a little oil

2. Add taco seasoning mix and cook for a minute

3. Add all other ingredients and simmer until ready to eat

camping food: on pot nachos

camping food: on pot nachos


Variations: Add fresh parmesan cheese and baby spinach at the end.


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