Paddle Pop Stick Puzzle

paddle pop stick puzzle / popsicle stick puzzle - so simple and easy

This simple paddle pop stick puzzle is an easy and fun idea for younger and older kids.  Older kids could enjoy doing more detailed drawings. Great for travelling.

I’ve seen the puzzle done with photographs and cut-out pictures too.


10 Paddle Pop (Popsicle) Sticks

Masking Tape

Drawing materials (crayons, permanent markers, texta and pencils)


1. Lay 10 paddle pop sticks down.  Use a paddle pop, ruler or another straight object and ensure the paddle pop sticks are in line.

2. Place a piece of masking take over the sticks to hold them in place.

3. Turn the paddle pop sticks over.

4. Draw a picture.

5. Take the tape off and put in a zip lock bag, envelope or small box or bag.

Tip: to make it easier for younger kids, number the paddle pop sticks down the bottom.

padle pop stick puzzle - popsicle stick puzzle - on beafunmum.com

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