Street Name Quest

Street Name Quest

Quest: search for something.

My kids love that element of excitement in a quest. It’s like a treasure hunt. A Street Name Quest is a cheap and easy activity (and you discover new places along the way).

1. Names

Search on a directory like Google Maps or I find Street-Directory.com.au good for this type of thing.  Look for street names the same as your child/ren in a certain kilometre radius (we like travelling so we look in a 100km radius).  If there are no relevant street names around your area, there are many different name quests to try. Here are some ideas:

  • Surnames
  • Middle names
  • Character names, like Teddy Street (bring a toy along to photograph)
  • Items like Car Street
  • Favourite destinations (like Paris)
  • Nicknames
  • Hero names (Prince, Princess)

I found 74 Kelly Streets in Australia, and one in my radius.

go on a street name quest

2. Search

Put the coordinates or address in a GPS device and go for a drive.

3. Find

Photograph the street with the respective person, toy or entire family.

Idea: Enlarge the photograph and print a cool poster for the bedroom wall.

4. Make

Find a nearby park, have a picnic and make a day of it.

We love doing this sort of activity as a family because it takes us out and about in new places. It’s exciting!


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