If You Feel Sorry for Yourself

I remember mum saying this to me during my teenage years. Now I’m approaching that stage of parenting with my own kids, and I can freshly see the wisdom in the words, and the perspective it gives you.  

What I’ve gleaned so far about my experience with the tween-teen years, is their world can become very self-centred in a different way to that of a younger child.  It’s not necessarily a selfish thing, but self revolving and there’s this sense of entitlement that creeps into the mix.  I get this. I remember this even…and that is why these words are especially helpful, because at the end of the day, a self-centred approach ends up being pretty dissatisfying when travelled for a long time.

Still today, as an adult, if I feel sorry for myself, I remember my mother’s words…and I look outside of my own bubble and it changes my point of view.

Oh, I miss her.

if you feel sorry for yourself, do something for someone else

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