Pony in a Jar: Party Favour

Pony in a Jar - cute party favour

A year or so ago — the kids and I created an Adventure Scene in a Jar — and it was a huge success (we still have them).  I used a similar concept for a craft station at my daughter’s pony-themed party . It was something cute for the kids to make and take home with them after party. 


Small jar (I used a 250 ml jar)

Backdrop pictures (instructions below)

Photo paper (regular paper works too)

Mini figurines (I used My Little Pony but you can use any small figurines)

Sparklers, glitter or small stones

Craft Glue

Pony Party Ideas - pony party favour

Setting up the party table

There’s a small amount of preparation to do but then it’s easy and quick to assemble. I set the table up with the materials needed for this project on a colouring-in paper tablecloth from Phoenix Trading.  

1. Backdrop

a) For these types of home projects, I find searching online for wallpapers gives the best images. In this case, I googled ‘Castle Wallpapers’ and had fun going through them with my daughter to find the pictures she liked.  We looked for two different pictures: one for the inside of the jar, and one on the other side that will be seen from the outside of the jar.

Castle wall papers

b) Once you find the two pictures you like, copy and paste into a Word document and resize to fix the approximate size of the jar.  The pictures usually need to be trimmed anyway so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Tip: I did up a quick table first and printed it to give me an idea of the correct size of the picture.

pony in a jar party favours - the backdrop picture

The wallpaper I used is from here.

c) Print the pictures out (photo paper works best), cut out the two different pictures using the side of the jar as a template.  The picture should reach not quite half way around the jar.  Glue one picture on the back of the other so you have a double-sided piece of cardboard. This is so there’s the scene on the inside, and then on the outside of the jar, it’s like you’re seeing the other side of the scene, so keep that in mind when you’re searching for pictures.


2. Insert

Slip the backdrop pictures into the jar.  There is no need to glue because if cut to size, it will sit nice and snug.

Add background to the pony jar

3. Figurine

Glue (or blu-tack) the figurine at the bottom of the jar.

Pony Party Ideas - pony party favour

4. Sparkles

Throw in sequence, sparkles or glitter into the bottom of the jar, enough so the base is covered.

Pony Party Ideas - pony party favour

5. Embellish 

Close the jar and add a ribbon (if desired).  So easy and cute.

Pony in a Jar - cute Party Favour for a Pony Party

I also had a dinosaur version with pebbles for the base & dinosaur figurines.

dinosaur in a jar

This little project is great for parties, and also as a fun DIY project.

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    March 11, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    I love this idea! I’ll be using if for the twin’s birthday. I’m sure i could make this relate to any theme they chose!

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