Decorating Eggs: With a Temporary Tattoo

I did this with my children last year and they loved it! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Easter is a little while away, but I wanted to share this idea now because it’s an easy way to decorate eggs around Easter time (or any time really) and the end result is fan-tastic!  I usually look out for a packet of temporary tattoos in my everyday travels and stick them in the cupboard ready for an opportune moment closer to Easter. It’s about being prepared for spontaneous fun.  See what I did there?

Take a heap of these pretty eggs on a picnic, add to the lunch box or have an egg decorating afternoon, just because it’s fun.

Temporary Tattoo Egg

 Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo


Temporary Tattoos

Hard Boiled Egg (cooled)

Wet washer



Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo  

1. Cut the tattoo to size.  Keep in mind the tattoo will need to be small enough to fit on the front of an egg.

2. Peel off the protective clear layer on top of the tattoo.

3. Press the tattoo face down on to the egg.

4. Carefully place a wet washer over the back of the tattoo and hold firm for about 10 seconds. Then gently press the washer down over the entire area to transfer the tattoo on the egg shell.

5. Remove the wet backing paper and you’re done!

Lunchbox Fun

A fun surprise in the lunchbox:

  • Tinned corn
  • Apple muffin
  • Cheese sandwich on brown bread
  • Red grape
  • Decorated Easter Boiled Egg

Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo


Easter Craft & Activity Ideas

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