Jeans I Found for the Season

Jeans and green jacket

I picked up these jeans at Target when I was there looking for swim shirts for the kids. It was an impulsive purchase and didn’t even try them on beforehand.  I had little time and needed a new pair of jeans so took a gamble on them fitting/suiting.  Well, I wanted to say I’m very happy with the jeans (and they were only $10!). I had to check my receipt because I thought they must have been at least $20.

target jeans

I like where the waist line sits (not too low or high), the leg length and how they are shaped.  They should last me through the cold season and into Spring. Good find.

FitFlop Boots

Cream trench coat & fitflop boots

Another find is this brand of shoes I’ve never heard of before: Fitflop. My grandmother was talking about them, because her friend raves about them (uses them even for walking the dog).  I was gifted a pair of boots (CRUSH™ BOOT CHOCOLATE) and have been wearing them most days since.  They feel like slippers, although they look much more glamourous.

Jeans and comfy boots and I’m pretty much set for these colder months.

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