Washi Tape Bunting Invitations

Bunting is an adorable decoration theme that can be used for babies right up to adults! To introduce the bunting theme into the celebrations, make a simple invitation using Washi Tape.


Card stock (size of choice)

Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice)

Black permanent marker



Washi Tape Bunting Invitations

1. Draw a line across the corner or top (wherever you would like the bunting to go) of the card with permanent marker.

2. Cut triangles out of Washi Tape and stick underneath the line. One of the best ways to ensure the bunting flags are even is take a section of tape, angle in from the side to start your triangle shape off, and then continue along the section of tape. Two lines of bunting looks. Gorgeous.

Washi Tape Bunting Invitations

Tip: You can print the wording on the invitation out on to your card using a printer, allowing for the space for your bunting in the corner. Then decorate.

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