A small act of kindness is like a soft breeze

This is a section of a diary entry I posted to Facebook a few months ago. This year has been full on for me and I’ve had to be intentional about looking for joy. Some days more than others.  I’m posting this little snippet of time here because I like to look back: to read, and remember. I like to remind myself about these little moments that have a redeeming quality about them.

8 May 2014:

I feel weary tonight and am finding myself a little snappy. The kids seem louder than usual. That’s very loud. Everyone seems slower doing the evening routine. Like eating dinner. EAT! I just want everyone in bed already.


I was in the kitchen, dinner finally over, when my son came and stood in front of me.

“Do you want me to take off your shoes for you?” he asked me. His voice was gentle and quiet.

I looked from my son’s blue eyes down at my sneaker clad feet. I may have stood there for a few moments before answering, rather stunned at the question.

“Yes please,” I said simply, realising how lovely it would be to free my feet.

I stood there quietly, humbled, and watched his blond head bob and still-chubby hands wrestle with the double knot.

I felt still and very small.

He took my socks off too, before putting them inside each respective shoe. Then he picked up both shoes and placed them neatly where I often leave them next to the kitchen bench.

It was such a simple act of kindness, and it brought tears to my eyes and a calmness to my spirit. 


And so I sit here, reminded of how a gentle word can calm a storm. I am reminded of how a small act of kindness is like a soft breeze on a hot day. I am reminded of the privilege of sharing life with these little ones in my care.

a small act of kindness is like a soft breeze on a hot day

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