Christmas Craft: Pasta Angel Decoration

Christmas Pasta Angels

Putting up the Christmas tree and donning it in sparkly decorations is a treasured Christmas tradition for most families. Kids love making their own decorations and hanging them on the tree in a random fashion. Are you one of those mums that perfects the Christmas tree after the little ones have gone to bed? Or do you let your kids do all the decorating, even if it means a tangle of lights and a clump of decorations in one spot? Either way, you and your kids will love crafting these gorgeous little angel decorations for your tree. They’re surprisingly easy to make, and you’ve probably already got most of the materials needed at home.

Christmas Crafts - Pasta Angel Decoration


PVA glue
pasta quills and bows
gold paint and brush
gold thread
play dough or air drying clay
gold glitter


  1. Use glue to stick together the pasta shapes – the quill is the body and the bow will form the angel’s wings.
  2. Shape the angel’s head from play dough or clay and stick rice in to make the angel’s hair or crown.
  3. Make a hole through the head (with a toothpick) and insert the gold thread to hang the decoration.
  4. Glue the head onto the body and allow to dry until set.
  5. Paint the angel with the gold paint, sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry.

Christmas Crafts - Pasta Angel Decoration

Every angel is a unique creation!


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