Father’s Day Craft: Hand Print Canvas

I did a hand print canvas craft for Father’s Day three years ago and decided to do it again this year. How the kids have grown!  This is a gorgeous personalised gift idea for Father’s Day.  Blank canvas can be found at discount and craft shops starting from about $4.

This activity doesn’t take take very long to do and it’s easy!  I had it done in under 10 minutes.


father's day craft idea -- canvas hand print

Father's Day Craft - hand print canvas


Canvas (large enough to hold how many kids hands you have)

Non-toxic Paint (a different colour for each child)

Paper or a section of cardboard


 1. Squirt about a 10 cent size blog of paint on a piece of paper or cardboard.

2. Pick which hand you are featuring and then rub the hand into the paint, ensuring all fingers are covered. It’s a good idea to do a test run on a blank piece of paper to get used to the press down/lift up action. This is also a good way to check how much paint works best to get that handprint look (rather than a big splodge).

hand print canvas

hand print canvas3. Once hand is covered in paint, press down firmly on the canvas, and then lift hand directly up quickly, being careful not to smudge the print.

4. Allow paint to dry and date the back Father’s Day Year (e.g. 2014)

5. The paint washes off hands easily.

Idea: Get each child to write (in permanent marker) or paint their name around the hand.

For something different, we went with pearly colours this time instead of the bright colours we did 3 years ago.

Love it!

hand print canvas

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Hand Print Canvas


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