Budget Body Beauty Supplies

Amongst the busyness of parenting, I think it’s important to enjoy luxuries when you can and weave them into life. I liken them to having little holidays every day.  I enjoy using beauty products — it’s one of those little luxury — however, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them.

I’ve tired many different products over the years and there are three staples I use for my body that have proven to work and they are really cheap.

  • Exfoliating Gloves ($3-$5)
  • Sorbolene Moisturiser – any brand (from $5 for 1 Litre)
  • Norewx Face Washer Cloths #309044 ($30 for 3)

Budget Body Beauty Supplies

How I use them

Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating gloves can be found in discount stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores, ranging from about $3.  I find these work better than loofah, body sponges and exfoliating body wash for a few reasons:

  • They don’t get gunky – loofah and body sponges get a bit gross in the shower after a short time, however, I find exfoliating gloves don’t in the same way.  I rinse them after use and keep them sitting on the top of the shower screen and they last at least a few months. Plus you wash them too.
  • They give your skin a really good buff.
  • It’s fast: Because you use both hands, it’s a quick process.
  • They are cheap!

I use my gloves with sorbolene soap or cream all over my body every day in the shower.  Using moisturiser with the gloves doesn’t give that foaming action that you would get with body wash, but it still exfoliates just as well (body wash is ridiculously expensive). Doing this everyday makes a huge difference to my skin (just have to remember to be consistent with it).

Sorbolene Moisturiser

I use sorbolene moisturiser as a body cleanser in the shower and as a post shower body moisturiser.  I buy a few bottles so I have one for the shower and one I keep in my room.  After a shower (and a good buff with the exfoliating gloves), I use moisturiser over my body. It absorbs quickly, and again, doing this consistently makes a big different to my skin, especially during the colder months.

Norewx Face Washer Cloths

I don’t buy face wash anymore. Haven’t for the past couple of years since I discovered the Norwex body washers.  I love wearing mascara most days — again: one of those little luxuries for me — and the Norwex is one of the best ways to remove it at the end of the day.

The face washers are $30 for 3 cloths (you can buy them from consultants in most areas in Australia). I’ve had mine for two years now and they are still going strong.  I use the face washer in the shower to wash my face every day and then it just goes in the wash (with a regular load) as needed (once or twice a week). Gives my face a really good clean without chemicals or the price tag of expensive washes.

I’m a Mascara-Lover!

Norwex Face Washer to Remove Mascara


Before I apply very basic make up (some of my go-to products are detailed in this post), I do like to use face cream. However, I have and still do use sorbolene moisturiser on my face as a moisturiser too. One of my favourite products for my face at the moment is L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream.

Over the 2 years I’ve been doing this, it has cost me approximately $80 in total for the 3 products. That’s $40 a year or approximately 80 cents a week.  If you enjoy a bit of pampering but want to do it on a budget, this works a treat.

Do you have any other budget beauty tips to share? Leave them in the comments below.


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