Pipe Cleaner Heart Wand

Pipe Cleaner Wand

A pipe cleaner heart wand is uber simple to make and so cute!


3 Pipe Cleaners


1. To make the heart top of the tiara, bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist about 2/3 rds the way down to form a large loop.

2. Create a heart shape by pressing down in the middle of the loop, bending the pipe cleaner in the middle.

3. Bend a second pipe cleaner in half and twist both sides together to form the handle of the wand.

4. Form two small hooks at the end of the heart pipe cleaner and the end of the handle. Hook together and twist to secure.

5. Reinforce the wand by twirling a pipe cleaner around from the base of the heart all the way down to the bottom. Trim any excess. Done!

Pipe Cleaner Wand

Fun Things to Do

  • Book Week
  • Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up)
  • Dress ups
  • Just for fun
  • Plays
  • School holidays
  • Sleep overs (get a huge range of pipe cleaners and beads and challenge the kids to make the best crowns and then do a fashion show)
  • Lay on a blanket outside and look at clouds.
  • Use as a prop for a photo booth

Look for Clouds!

Pipe Cleaner Wand

Photo Booth Prop!

Pipe Cleaner Wand - Photo Booth Prop

Make a Matching Tiara

Make a matching tiara! Instructions here.

Pipe Cleaner Wand & Tiara

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