Simple Activity: Paint Rose Petals

Fiona from Fiona Kate showed me how to do this. She’s so very clever and has this ability to make simple activities so beautiful.  It’s about being able to be fun with anything, even with fallen rose petals from the garden.  Spring is upon us, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Tint a few empty jars, buy a few roses and when they have had their day to shine, take a small moment to paint the remnants, to capture their beauty.  This is how.


Rose petals (as a reference)

Watercolour Paper (you can use regular paper but watercolour paper is best)

Paint brushes

Coloured Pencils

Painting Rose Petals

1. On a piece of watercolour paper, paint rose petal shapes, using the loose petals as a guide. Take note of different shapes, and the gradient/different colours. 

2. Using a coloured pencil, draw in a little detail on them. See the pink petal below and the peach petal above.

3. Allow to dry.

Painting Rose Petals

Only 5 –7 mintues in total to paint something so simple, yet so gorgeous! These would look amazing on the front of a card or even framed.


Triad Tree – Watercolour experiment

Early Watercolour Experiment

Leaf Art

Rainbow Leaves

Painted Leaves

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