A Representation of Family

I could never have imagined how much my children’s drawings would encourage me on this parenting journey.

I see something very truthful about children’s drawings. And it’s not just truthful, but more than that: there’s an underlying truth.  So often it helps me see what resonates with them; how they see themselves and our family; what they particularly enjoyed about a holiday or expidition. 4 examples below.


In the excitement of an upcoming Easter trip, my 8-year-old daughter drew the picture below and shared it with me. So interesting: she explained to me that each child (4) have a different shape on their respective sleeping bags – diamond, square, heart, triangle. And then Mum and Dad have all the shapes together on their sleeping bag. I thought: What a gorgeous representation of family!  So much togetherness there.



This year has been challenging with my husband working away from home a lot.  I’ve noticed the strain on our family life, even though we are striving hard.  And then one day, I find this picture on the kitchen bench (again drawn my Miss 8) of our family.  All those happy faces!  I felt encouraged, knowing the unconditional love that forms part of the foundation of our family, shines through.
kid drawings


The kids and I decorated an outdoor tree and many afternoon you’ll find them playing there.  I wrote about this drawing here.

kid drawings


There are some particular moments in this parenting journey that make your mother-heart sing. Moments that help you realise there is essence there underneath all the chaos.

Miss 10 and Miss 8 showed me something they had been working on together. You see, Miss 8 was struggling to find “clothes to reflect something about yourself” as prescribed for the school concert. So Miss 10 said they could do brainstorming together to work it out. I only found out about this after it was all done.

They each used an A4 piece of paper to write and draw how they see themselves

Miss 10: Sporty, social, different, weird, friendly, awesome, bird-lover, imaginative, strange, messy, free, cool, likeable, wild. (I LOVE how she sees her unique quirkiness as a good thing and she’s so confident about it! BEST!)

Miss 8: Sporty, pretty, social, cool, dramatic, wild, free. (I love that her picture of ‘free’ is with arms up in the a air).

Then Miss 10 together with Miss 8 found an outfit that reflected herself and Miss 8 felt so happy with it. Best solution to “I don’t know what to wear that I have ever seen!” My heart warmed at the reflection of sisterhood, at the representation of worth, at the undercurrents of beauty on this motherhood journey.


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    Mandy, Barbie Bieber and Beyond
    September 29, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    I love how honest kids drawings are, they say much more than words, You have quite the budding little artist there!

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