Coffee is My Little Luxury

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Someone asked me about the favourite little luxuries I enjoy.

I didn’t even have to think: Coffee, fresh bread and movies in bed.

That rhymes and everything.

Coffee for me is one of those lovely little luxuries I enjoy every day. Every. Single. Day.

My husband shares my love for coffee too. He phoned me the other morning from work, in the course of our conversation he mentioned he had managed to capture a quick ‘cup of joe’ with the words “I don’t know the world starts without coffee!”

As a couple, coffee is something we enjoy together, and we hunt around our city for the best cafés and enjoy analysing the subtle nuances in different coffee blends. 

I’ve enjoyed coffee for a long time now, but I think it’s after I became a parent that my coffee interest went up a notch…and I know why. Enjoying coffee is something I can weave into my day naturally. It’s an interest I enjoy for myself in amongst the busyness of parenting. My love for coffee also is tied up with this blog: it’s not uncommon to find me in a corner of a café somewhere with a computer and coffee in front of me as my fingers tap away. It’s a dream really: the freedom to work anywhere while weaving the things I enjoy into my day.

With growing interest, comes curiosity. What goes into making that cup of coffee I love so much? Just as there are good cups of coffee, there are also those that leave, quite literally, a bitter taste in your mouth. Is it the coffee, the barista, is it art or science, or is the ‘perfect cup’ something that is the sum of these tangible and intangible factors?

When the Piazza D’oro Barista of the Year competition came on to my radar, my interest piqued. I saw an opportunity to get nerdy about coffee; to look for and experience different cafés in my city; to learn more about the golden liquid I enjoy so much. I believe pursuing personal interests in a sustainable way amongst the busyness of parenting is important, and I touched on that very topic in this post.

About Piazza D’oro Barista of the Year

Piazza D’oro (PDO) is a brand I’m familiar with, being one of Australia’s leading espresso brands. PDO’s dedication to providing superior coffee goes back for more than 250 years. I believe the success and logevity of this brand is due to the focus on coffee quality, sustainability and barista training. It’s a marriage of many factors that delivers the total sensory experience in a gorgeous cup of coffee.

Piazza D'oro Coffee

Piazza D’oro Barista of the Year is a nationwide competition to find Australia’s best PDO barista. This brings into focus what a great barista can do when given great materials. When I heard about this campaign, I set a little challenge for myself. Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to visit many different cafés around Brisbane and surrounds, just because it’s exciting! You can find pics from my travels on my Instragram feed at @beafunmum.

The best way to find your closest Piazza O’oro coffee café is to download the app, which also acts like a virtual reward card. Did you know there are over 3,000 PDO cafes around Australia?

Piazza D'oro coffee app

The PDO barista of the year competition kicks off 29th September so get down to your local PDO café to nominate your favourite barista. You can nominate by either Instagram or Facebook and doing so puts you in the draw to win a great little city getaway.

1. INSTAGRAM @PiazzaDoroAU

Snap your cup of coffee, tag @PiazzaDoroAU, your barista and the café

2. FACEBOOK facebook.com/PiazzaDoroAU

Snap your cup of coffee, tag facebook.com/PiazzaDoroAU, your barista and the café.

For more details and all the condidtions, head to facebook.com/PiazzaDoroAU

I’m keeping tabs on this competition and hope to fly to Sydney for the finals too! Stay tuned! And coffee! 

piazza doro coffee

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