Pipe Cleaner Crown

Pipe Cleaner Crown - So Simple!

We had fun making pipe cleaner crowns on the weekend.  They are simple to make and they look adorable. Above is one design, and I shared another tiara-style at the end of the post. Ideas are endless: google ‘Pipe Cleaner Crown’ or ‘Chenille Crown’ for even more ideas.

These crowns are great for:

  • Book Week
  • Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up)
  • Dress ups
  • Dress ups for toys
  • Just for fun!
  • School holiday activity
  • Plays
  • Sleep overs (get a huge range of pipe cleaners and beads and challenge the kids to make the best crowns and then do a fashion show)
  • Photo booth prop
  • Christmas Craft


Pipe Cleaner x 8

(2 x regular length and cut 6 in half so you have 12 short lengths)

Beads – optional (with holes just large enough to thread on a pipe cleaner – there’s a picture here of the approx. size that works well)



1. For the base of the crown, you will need two lengths of pipe cleaner. Make a hook at each end of the pipe cleaner.

2. Hook together and twist the short sections around the long sections to secure.

3.  For the crown part, fold a short piece of pipe cleaner in half and thread on a bead (if desired).

4.  Twist the two ends of the triangle on the base of the pipe cleaner to form one point of the crown.

5. Continue to join triangle points around the base of the crown until it’s about 3/4 the way full.

6. At this point (before the crown is entirely finished), make a circle with the base of the crown using a child’s or adult’s head (whoever the crown is for).  Tip: It’s best to measure this on the crown of the head rather than the circumference of the head (around the forehead).  It’s more comfortable and sits snug on top of that area of the head so it won’t fall down and rub on the forehead. There’s a picture further down that shows this position.

7. Once you have the correct size, twist the 2 ends of the base of the crown along each pipe cleaner so it’s a continuous circle.

8. Then continue with step 5 until the crown is complete! (You may not need all of the short pieces, depending on how wide you make your triangles).

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

Where the crown fits best on the head

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

Let the fun begin!

We had a ball taking these pictures. Then the girls went off to play jungle princesses in the backyard tree.  As you do.

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

The crowns are not durable but they are a lot of fun to make and last surprisingly well if kept on a shelf between uses.

Tiara Crown

Pipe Cleaner Crown designs are endless! For example, if you like this tiara style crown, there is a tutorial here.

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!


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