What We Take to The Beach

We are a pick-up-and-go type of family and so I like to keep things simple when we go to the beach.   If we keep things simple, it’s achievable, and when it’s achievable, we do it more.  What we take depends on how long we will be there. If we are heading to the beach for a few hours to swim, below are some standard staples that serve us well. 

Staple Items to Take to the beach

Beach Staples

 What we take to the beach

  • Large Beach Tote – The red Seafolly tote was a gift from my Dad over 5 years ago. It’s been absolutely fantastic! (like this Seafolly purple one). It has a small zip pocket inside for keys and phone.
  • Body Board Backpack – We’ve had a Body Glove backpack for over 10 years and it’s been one of the best things we’ve ever purchased for the beach. It holds all four of the children’s body boards and it makes it easy to transport everything down to the sand. They don’t make this one anymore but there are similar ones just google ‘bodyboard backpack bag’ and you can find many like this. The large size to fit more than one board is best.
  • Body Boards – SO FUN!
  • Beach towels – The Guide Dog Beach towels are huge and FANTASTIC!
  • Beach toys – a bucket for sand play and collecting shells, plus a few plastic figurines are a favourite
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats – last year I bought caps from Little X & Y and they are great and look so funky
  • Drink bottles – I like the Contigo brand
  • Beach shoes – Mox shoes are fabulous for the beach
  • Swimwear (the kids wear to the beach)

This particular morning I was on my own with three of my kids and everything I needed I could carry like this. Easy.

Beach staples

Food: I rarely take food to the beach for short outings because it’s so hard to keep it sand free!  If we are only going for a few hours, I time the trip between eating or having a snack in the car (or home) to have when we are done. Or we buy something.

Other favourite beach items

If we are going to the beach for a longer period, there are a few other items that are fantastic

  • Recycled Mat – HUGE and brilliant for the beach.
  • Frizbee, tennis ball, soccer ball
  • Foldable chairs (from our camping gear)
  • Small esky with drinks/food
  • Shade cover (we have a Fox Swing on the car which is handy if we are travelling on the beach)
  • Change of clothes – usually kept in the car
  • There are other things that are great to keep in The Car Box that make it easy to go anywhere!

Recycled Mats

What do you take to the beach?

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