Easy Marshmallow Pops

Celebrating birthdays at school or day care – easy marshmallow pops

I love that teachers and caregivers take the time to celebrate our children’s birthdays at school and day care. Singing happy birthday, wearing a birthday hat or badge and taking along a birthday treat to share with class mates helps make their day even more special.

Traditionally, a humble birthday cake was baked and sent along – maybe a swirly marble cake if you were really lucky!

Then came the cupcake revolution – beautifully decorated and irresistible – they were welcomed by teachers because they were so easy to distribute.

More recently, ice blocks, jellies, chips and even lollipops have been replacing birthday cakes – these options are ideal for time poor parents and children that can’t eat (or don’t like) cake.

Pinterest is overflowing with ideas for creative and delicious birthday treats that children can take to school and share with their class mates. But if making fiddly cake pops is not your idea of a good time, you must try these easy “marshmallow pops”. They are so simple that your children can make them with just a little supervision.

Easy Marshmallow Pops - Great for birthday parties!



Chocolate freckles

Chocolate for melting

Paper straws

Easy Marshmallow Pops


1. Insert straw firmly into marshmallow.

Easy Marshmallow Pops

2. Melt chocolate (in microwave or on stove top).

3. Dab some melted chocolate onto the top of the marshmallow.

Easy Marshmallow Pops

4. Stick a chocolate freckle on top.

5. Allow to set.


Easy Marshmallow Pops

What birthday treats do you send in to school or day-care for your children? Do you make your own or do you purchase something from the shops? Do you go for traditional cake or a more modern take on birthday treats?

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    Make Your Own (super easy) Bubble Mixture | Be A Fun Mum
    October 22, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    […] Easy Marshmallow Pops […]

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    One of those Mums
    October 22, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    I’m probably going to get shot down as “one of those Mums” but I have to say, I really dislike the classroom birthday celebrations!! I dislike their frequency, that I have no say over what or how much my child eats, I dislike that I feel pressure to allow my child junk food for every. single. occasion. I am all for allowing children treats for special occasions. I acknowledge that birthdays are special. But if every child in the class room celebrates this way, plus has extra lollies and chocolates multiple times over Easter and Christmas – its just too much!

    My son is currently at day care and he has had cupcakes every day that he has been there this week because it was someone’s birthday. Then he had his cousin’s birthday in the afternoon one of those days. Then there was the BBQ fundraiser where a kind adult thought it would be a good idea to feed him lollies without asking me. Then there are the “usual” times during the week that we allow for dessert (that he is way too cluey to miss out on if we forget about it). That is way too much for his little body to handle.

    I allow my child to eat sweet things a couple of times a week. However I object to having that decision taken away from me. I certainly don’t want my son to miss out, but I am pretty certain that when he starts school, I’ll be considered one of “those mums” for suggesting some healthier alternatives to junk filled classroom birthday celebrations (like how about celebrating all the birthdays together for that month, or how about leaving it out all together and use non-food way to make your child feel special).

    I remember the days when as a kid, we had one cake on our birthdays. These days, I hear the stressed out cries of my friends saying “Oh! I’ve got no time! I’ve got make the cupcakes for school, then his birthday cake for his party, then the one for when the family come over on the weekend”. No thanks.

    I do love the idea of these little marshmallow pops. I’m just not so keen on their suggested use!!

    • Reply
      Kelly Be A Fun Mum
      October 23, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Oh, I TOTALLY get what you’re saying here and I really like that you’ve raised it. I like the idea of monthly birthday celebrations – great idea.

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