Welcome to BAFM 3.0

Welcome to a brand new Be A Fun Mum blog design and layout. I thought it would be fun to show how BAFM evolved over 5 years. 

BAFM 3.0

  1. First came BAFM 1.0, dark, and swirly with red highlights. It reflected the paradox parenting, the complicities and simplicity of it. 
  2. Next up there was BAFM 2.0: Retro, fun, bold. There was a refining period during this time for the blog where I established my voice and the direction I wanted to take. 
  3. Welcome to BAFM 3.0 with a hit of raspberry, a dash of watermelon and a splash of lemon. It’s bright, yet subtle. It captures the essence of motherhood. It’s about simplicity, and connection, and happiness, and fun. It’s about making memories motivated by love. Each season, you’ll notice the flowers in the jar will change so watch out for Summer soon!

Big Thanks

Big thanks to my designer, Emma Kate Creative who navigated over 20 pages of brain vomit from me and WordPress developer, Kelly from Swish Design for helping me bring it all together on the blog with incredible attention to detail. Love your work girls!

Meet the BAFM Team

The majority of what you read here on the blog, will be from me, as usual. Going forward, I also have an awesome team behind me who will help me spread the BAFM vibe and you can read about the beautiful mothers here.

Instagram #beafunmum

I love Instagram (you can find me @beafunmum). You can share the fun things you are doing with your kids or where you are going by using the hashtag #beafunmum. Here are my three picks so far.


Love this one from Amy @giggleberry from Giggleberry Creations who make THE most gorgeous bunting.

Food Colouring + Shaving Cream = Painting Bath Fun 



This post from @devine_jenny (Social Media Manager at Devine Social) made me smile. She IS a fun mum. You go girl!



Stacked! #rollerskating #skating #beafunmum


A photo posted by Jenny Devine (@devine_jenny) on


Eva @evacarterphoto‘s feed shows her incredible photography talent. 

Instagram #BAFM_Lunchbox

I sometimes share my children’s school lunches on Instagram, and if you’re hunting for ideas, you can search for the #BAFM_Lunchbox tag to pull up the most recent posts.

Lunch Box Ideas


The BAFM Facebook Community is fantastic. I know a lot of big pages tend to get a fair bit of negativity online, but I very rarely find this with the BAFM page. It’s a lovely positive place! I recently shared a tiny story about a rubbish truck and small acts of kindness, and someone suggested in the comments that I email the council to thank the said driver.  I did that! And so it goes! That sense of community is such a special thing.

Random Acts of Kindness Story

Look Around

I’m still working on this page, but I’ve tried to make it easy to look around the blog and find older posts, plus it’s all pretty and colourful as a bonus. Check it out here: Look Around the Blog

Be A Fun Mum -- look around

I have some more exciting news to share tomorrow, a new adventure, so look out for that and THANK YOU for travelling on this journey with me and being part of a the Be A Fun Mum community. Oh, and please do tell me what you think of the new design too!


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